Saturday, September 12, 2009

27th Annual Lime Rock Antique Weekend

I had to work again on Saturday, Sept. 5th. Work involved going up to Lime Rock Park, as a chaperone for the US Naval Submarine School Silver Dolphins Honor Guard, so they could present the national colors for the Pre Race National Anthem. I am the Public Affairs Officer for them now, so if there are any events during my duty week, outside 50 miles from base, we have to go with them. What they do takes about a half hour all told, so the rest of the day was spent looking at vintage race cars, and getting rides in a few after the racing was over.This was the showcase car for the day. Mercedes Benz W154 Silver Arrow. The car is virtually priceless. I'll let you guys read about it. Anyway it is about the loudest car I have ever heard. Pic's 1-10 are of it. Yeah I shot a lot of shots of it, but wouldn't you?, here is video of the thing. When they first start it, I get all weak in the knees.
The pics above are the preview. The rest can be found here:

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  1. I love your work. The RI photos are just great.