Saturday, September 12, 2009

While everyone is waiting for some new stuff from me, here is some stuff from the aftermath of Hurricane Bill passing by New England. The waves that day were the biggest I have seen in 13 years of living in New England. It made for some very dramatic scenes, and some very wet legs. By the end of the morning of shooting, I was wet up to my knees from the numerous waves that had broke where it is normally dry. My friend Ben decided to take a chance by going up on the big rock outcropping to the right in most of these shots. Most of the time it is safe up there. Well after a few minutes of shooting up there, a huge wave broke and basically soaked Ben, and his Canon 5D MkII. Luckily he had just insured his entire photo kit a few months back, and it paid for itself that day. I have also had insurance for a few months now, and after seeing that, I intend to keep it. Here is some advice to any budding photographers out there, no matter what the genre of photography. Get insurance for your kit. The whole thing. Not just homeowners or renters insurance. That will only cover your kit against fire and theft. Valuble Property insurance is what my insurance is called. It covers against stupidity, which 9 times out of 10 is how stuff gets damaged. So onto the photos:

Some of these were taken on Saturday, and some on Sunday. The Saturday ones are really dreary, as it was foggy, but it put the focus on the waves breaking on the rock out in the middle. The Sunday ones we had a way better sky, as the Hurricane was breaking up and heading northeast. I got home and found out a kid had been swept into the sea up in Acadia National Park. Without even hearing the story, I knew right where she had gone in (near Thunder Hole). I had been there about 2 months ago, and when the surf is up, it can get pretty treacherous, and too many people don't take heed of how powerful the waves can be. Well enjoy these, and this is just he beginning of what I have to offer.

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