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What I've Been Up to for the Last Six Months - Part 1

Wow, been a busy 1, 2, 3... Whoops, six months since I posted. I guess I fell into the thing where someone starts a blog, posts once or twice, then forgets about it. So I will try to keep up on this now. Work, not the photographic kind either has been taking up a lot of time lately, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Well in that time I have had a few good chances to get out and shoot. Most of these have been sunrises, out with some of the photographers that are members over at New School Of Photography Forums
So what you see in this post will be a smattering of my work from the last 6 months. Some from all over New England.

My Mother-in-Law came out in late September, and along with her helping to paint Katie's and my bedroom, we took her up to Acadia National Park. Some of these shots are from the sunrise from the last morning up there, when I took Elaine, my Mother-in-Law up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, to watch sunrise from the first place in the United States to see sunrise everyday. Initially I wasn't too thrilled with that sunrise, as it was really foggy that morning, and obscured much of the view to the east.

I got a few other cool shots from that weekend. It was a mostly "meh" weekend as far as the weather goes, as it rained just about everyday, but we got to spend some time together, and Elaine, Katie, and Kaylin got to see one of America's National Parks. I had been there for the first time this last summer, and had maginally better weather. Maybe next year will be better for weather up there.

Along with a colorful fall in Acadia, I was able to get out with the creator of, and shoot in Arcadia State Park in Rhode Island, at a place called Stepstone Falls. The great things about Stepstone, is it is the only natural waterfall in Rhode Island, and it is only about 10 minutes from my house, so easy to get too, and there are a ton of good compositions there. Below is one. I used a longer shutter time here to get the streaks of the water through the shot. There are also a few other shots below it from other times I got there during Fall of 2009.

Stepstone Falls - Autumn 2009

Stepstone Falls - Autumn 2009

Ben, Eric (from NSOP) and I also got over to Ayers Gap in North Franklin, CT. Ayers is a small tract of land, owned by the Nature Conservancy. Basically about a mile long ravine, holding some of the best small waterfalls in the State of Connecticut.

I used an 8 second shutter time here to get the spin in the floating leaves. Really cool effect. The problem with it is using shutter speeds that long, can blow the highlights out in the waterfall itself, so you basically need to under-expose by about a 1/3 to a half a stop.

One more from Ayers - Autumn 2009

And one more great place this fall for me was Enders Falls, in East Granby, CT. I had been there before, and I got some of my best images from there, and it didn't dissapoint this time either.

Enders Falls - Autumn 2009

Enders Falls - Autumn 2009

Well at this point we moved into Winter, and I took a trip up to New Hampshire one late night to get a shot of Mt. Washington at sunrise. Well that plan didn't pan out, so I took that chance to shoot some waterfalls I had been meaning to get photos of. Sabbaday Falls was the first one. Conveniently right of the Kancamagus Highway, it is a hundred yard walk from the lot. Great waterfall, and you can get eye level with it due to the way it comes into the ravine it has cut out, and the "landings" the Park Service has setup for people to view it. You are literally 10-15 feet across from it where I took these:

Along with Sabbaday, I got up to Screw Auger Fall up in Grafton Notch, Maine. Very photogenic falls, and I was glad I got to shoot it.

In the interest of keeping you guys coming back, I will get part two of this post up at sometime this week. So stay tuned, I am going to start working this blog more. And I hope you enjoy what you see. The photos from this post can be found here:

Fall Color

Recent Work




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