Friday, March 12, 2010

What I've Been Up to the Last Six Months - Part 2

Hello again...I just wanted to finish part 2 of what I have been up to the last 6 months. Well on the last post, I left off heading into the Winter of 2009/10. It was kind of an odd winter here. We got missed on most of the snow storms that usually clobber New England. I snowed really bad only once this winter, and the rest of the snowfall was pretty benign. So in that time, I got a few things.

First we'll start at Stepstone Falls in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. You'll remember this falls from my last post, where I shot it in the fall. Well this time I was trying for something a little more intimate. So I framed these using a longer focal length to isolate the patterns in the ice near some of the cascades.

We'll move on to one of the weekend sunrise sessions that Ben Jacobsen and I went out on, to Sakonnet Point in Little Compton, Rhode Island. It seems like everytime we go here the sky either is clear, or all overcast. This morning looked like it had a lot of potential when we were setting up, but then the sky just lit up for a minute, then kind of flopped. So it was another strikeout at Sakonnet. Here are a couple from that morning. I did B&W on a lot of stuff here to salvage something from that morning. The thing about this place is it is the furthest away place you can drive to in Rhode Island. You actually have to go through Massachusetts to get to it in a reasonable amount of time in the morning.

By far the best sky I had all winter, and probably all year was this set from Beavertail State Park, in Jamestown, Rhode Island. It was a mostly cloudy afternoon, and I kept looking at the sky, and thinking, this is either going to be a flop, or an amazing sunset. So I told Katie I was going to go shoot, and went out. Glad I did. This will probably go down as one of the Top 5 sunsets of my life. Many people probably don't sit around counting sunsets or sunrises, but if you shoot them all the time, the good one's stick in your mind, and then you have the photographs as memories. So as the sun started to move towards the horizon, I started to think it was going to be a flop, then the sky just lit up, and it lasted for what seemed like forever. I took a lot of shots, and the great thing was I didn't have to do a lot post processing on these. The waves were up also which made for a good foreground.

The rest from this set can be found here:
Beavertail Lighthouse Set

One more morning session with the guys. We do this almost every weekend. You see the pattern yet?? Again we went to Beavertail State Park. I find myself shooting here a lot lately. The rock formations are really cool, and when the waves are up, it renders some really great seascapes, with a lot of interest.

More from this day can be found here:
Recent Work Page 4

And finally one more set from Watch Hill, Rhode Island. One of my favorite spots, especially for sunset, as East Beach faces Watch Hill, Lighthouse to the west, and is one of the few west facing spots in Rhode Island with a strong foreground and scene. Many time there are too many houses or stuff that ruins the scene. This was one of those nights when it all works out. Every shot had a histogram right in the center, the light was wonderful, the clouds were perfect, and the seas cooperated.

And the rest from this set can be found in here:

And in closing, I will be entering a Open Juried exhibition at the South County Art Association Gallery this weekend. It is for their annual Photography show. I am entering one of my favorite shots. Why is a favorite you may ask? I haven't been able to duplicate it, in all the times I have been there. I can never get the wave action the same, a comparable sky, or comparable light. So I guess it is a special and unique shot. Also I and the Naval Submarine School First Class Petty Officer Association are donating a print of this shot at a benefit dinner for Bryce Tarter. He is the son of my Division Officer. Bryce went missing after a party near Armstrong Atlantic University in Georgia on the 31st of January. The dinner is on the 20th of March at Subvets in Groton, CT. So if you are close, feel free to drop in, pay 8 dollars, eat some ziti, and buy tickets to some great things being raffled off, with the proceeds going to the Tarter Family in their search for Bryce.

The photo the FCPOA and I are donating, entitled Coming Storm. Printed at 16X24, on a "Float on Metal" mounting.

Also, you can find out more information about the search for Bryce Tarter here:
Bring Bryce Home
And they have a facebook page here:
Bring Bryce Home at Facebook

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for new updates.


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